changing your directory entry   adding a new entry for an additional vernue   cancelling your entry


Course providers - you already have one or more entries in our online directory. What do you want to do now?

I want to change some details in my entry

If you are just changing an icon (e.g. adding Photography/Photoshop or removing Evening Classes), a month (e.g. no longer giving courses in July), or one of your contact details (e.g. your telephone number), simply let us know by e-mail - see below

If you are changing just one word of your text description (e.g. changing the price of your course), simply let us know by e-mail - see below

Normally, however, we will need you to send the whole new text description.

We suggest you copy and paste the current description into your e-mail and edit it so that it is the same length as before.

We must emphasise that it is a waste of time sending us an over-long description - we will then have to cut it down before our software can accept it!

Send the new text description in an e-mail - see below

I need a further entry for an additional venue

You should complete the online additional venue form. This option will reuse the contact details - address, telephone, e-mail, website URL - from your existing entry, so you don't have to submit them again. (If you want to use different contact details, you will have to register as a new course provider.)

There is a charge for each additional entry:

  • to run alongside an existing entry that will expire within 12 months: £20.
  • to run alongside an entry that will expire after 12 months or more: £30.

See details of payment methods

I am giving up courses at one venue and starting courses at a different venue

Imagine you have an entry in for the courses you ran in Spain earlier this year. You will not be running that course next year, but you will be running a new course in France instead. As above, it's best to complete the online additional venue form. But in this case, if you tell us you are replacing one entry by another, and it is the first such replacement since you paid your subscription, there will be no charge.

I want to cancel one or more of my entries, before their expiry date

You may do this by sending us an e-mail - see below. For your security, we may then telephone you before removing your entries.

Although your entries will disappear from the directory, they will remain in our database, in case you want to revive them at some time in the future.

We will not offer a refund on any unused portion of your subscription period.

Please use the following address (you'll need to type it in yourself):      or phone 8115 841 8685